Шон МакБрайд

Шон МакБрайд


Shawn McBride was born in Savannah, Georgia and is of Irish/Italian decent. Shawn caught the acting bug growing up in Savannah which has become a popular filming destination. He has been able to pull from a wealth of real life experiences as a former U.S. Army 101st Airborne Veteran and GA firefighter. Shawn moved to Hawaii in 2012 in pursuit of his dream of acting with his wife Dee and son Shane. Shawn soon landed work on several major motion pictures and appeared on Hawaii 5-0 numerous times with his most memorable in 2018 where he shot Eddie the Dog on his debut. McBride has also appeared on Magnum P. l., a few Netflix specials and multiple roles in indie films. McBride has also ventured out working the production side on multiple projects running camera, producing, directing and editing at the indie level. He also created a web series, Paradise Justice that at its height had 100k followers which generated exposure for himself and several other actors. McBride also directs and produces a successful show on local TV. He often jokes that all his film projects have been his film school learning everything the hard way. Shawn feels he has become a more well rounded actor after working both sides of the camera. Shawn is extremely passionate about acting and feels that he is on a journey and has no plans of stopping his pursuit and dream.

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